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Road users worldwide use a drivers license to identify themselves. A drivers license equally specifies the type of vehicle the holder is allowed to operate. However, a lot of difficulties are globally encountered in getting a drivers license. Global documents provides a low cost speedy solution for people who are willing to buy drivers license. To be able to handle these problem worldwide, we carefully deal with associates who have proven themselves by providing drivers license in their region consistently and on time.

Furthermore, our associates include over 132 driving school owners, law enforcement agents and transport officials. In addition to this, with our reputable team we legalize the drivers license bought through our agencies by officially registering them on government databases. For example, in UK, we register for DLA and DVLA. Buy real drivers license online through global documents by simply applying here. No stress of driving exams, no waiting for months, no suspension. Drive legally.


To get a drivers license from us, you will have to contact us through this website so that one of our clients will guide you to apply through our driver’s license application form. Remember to choose on the application form if you want a real drivers license or a fake driver license.


Real driver licence from Global documents are Registered in government databases and will be validated in any scanning systems. With a real drivers license, you are confident in all checks and verification even in cases of accidents.

On the other hand, a fake drivers license looks much like a real drivers license. However, the information of a fake drivers license is not registered on any government database. This means that the user of a fake drivers license will not pass any scanning systems undetected. People only buy fake drivers license because they are cheap and they are used mostly in villages.


You can get a real passport online safely and at affordable prices. This can greatly simplify people’s travels to their dream countries and to other travelling for business a lot easier. To get a real passport online, just apply through this site and specify in the short notes section of the application form that you want a real passport. In addition to that detail, also precise on the form what country you want your real passport to be delivered to.

We take care of all paper work and all you need to do is provide us with the necessary bio-metric information in addition to you desired date of issue which determines the expiring date of your real passport.

Moreover, we offer government registered passports which meet security standards and pass any scanning procedure while complying with data-reading machines.

Finally, our real passports are produced, processed, registered and tested meticulously such that our clients and confidently use to travel the world and for work wherever they go. Just contact our agents so they guide you to apply for your real passport.


Global Documents also produce fake passports for some clients who want to buy passports and use just for camouflage purposes. The fake passport looks just like the real passport, same quality and secret features.

However, the difference between the fake passport and the real passport is that when you buy fake passports online, the fake passport information is not registered in any government database. Moreover, the absence of fake passport information on government databases makes the fake passport bearer vulnerable to security issues in airport scans.

Finally, as much as most clients will love to have our Fake passports for their cheap prices, we always advice them to go for the real passports, though they are more expensive expensive because they are safe to use anywhere. We shall do well to update our price lists online. Contact our agents through this website and they will guide you to fill the application form for fake passports.


Global documents produce real id cards. The quality of real ID Cards from global documents is unquestionable. In addition to the physical quality of real ID Cards for sale on our website, we make sure the information is registered in the right government database systems. You have nothing to fear taking our real ID Cards into government data verification scanning machines. Contact our agents through this website so the guide you to apply.

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Global document’s fake ID Cards are equally of good physical quality. In contrast to the real ID cards you get from us, fake ID Cards are not registered in government databases. Therefore, Our fake ID cards are not validated my ID Cards data verification scanners. To buy a fake ID card on our system, contact our agents for guidance and apply through the fake ID Card application form.


Buy real resident permits from global documents through our “buy residence permit” application forms. Our residence permits guarantee your legal stay in any country of your liking. The US green cards for example is one of the world’s most priced residence permits. We discretely handle your immigration status information and legalize your stay in your dream country. With global documents, you can buy original residence permits, buy US GREEN CARDS, buy Canadian residence permits, buy German residence permits, and lots more. We deliver your resident cards safely to a location of your choice. Contact us.

About Global Document providers

At global documents, we are an open association of proven registered and fake document production syndicates around the world. A global count of recent monthly output is presented below. The count is regularly updated with fresh monthly statistics. Clients apply through this website and depending on their requirements, we decide which agency handles their request.

More agencies can apply to join this organization. However, we only validate applications when the applicant delivers first three documents and pay their membership fee. Documents we provide include registered fake drivers license, registered fake passport, registered fake id, registered fake resident permit, registered fake marriage certificate.

We have a very friendly and professional team who will attentively listen and answer your questions and how help you get your document produced and delivered.

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There are many documents stores Online. How ever, we will recommend that you chose us for the job because we are very reliable. Among all the Document vendors, only us can actually Video call you and show you live samples of documents from satisfied clients. We show you samples on Live video, with documents having all security features .

Above all, we can show you clear proves that your document is legally registered, unlike other vendors who will just tell you that its registered without any evidence, and when you get into contact with Police, that is when you will see that it was fake. But we have come to stop that. this is the Era where we show proves to the client that it is registered.

Contact us now and enjoy amazing services.

We offer free and reliable Shipping serves. We have contracts with reliable agencies like DHL, EMS, UPS, FedEx and other reliable shipping. Unlike other agencies, when we ship your document, we give you the tracking number and you can track your delivery. usually 3 days delivery maximum.

We do not only do quality and registered documents, we also make our services very affordable such that every one can be able to afford. So you can buy cheap drivers license, Buy passport and Buy residence Permit at affordable prices

As a valued client, we put your security first. for this reason, we offer best quality documents which are officially registered. Our documents have 100% safety and you can by pass all security

Since our goal is customer satisfaction, we make sure we deliver the best quality. This is particular for fake documents because the registered ones are of course 100% best quality. for fake ones, if you do not get quality you want, we have a Money back Guarantee . this is if you can prove to us that the quality is not the best.

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I am an American Austrian. I have my American drivers license and i wanted to exchange it here. I just decided to check out these online service and it works. I now have a registered Austrian driver’s license. Now I am recommending this service to all my friends

Maria Daniel

My dream has been to leave and work in the UK. I need to buy a UK passport but I compare prices in different online agencies. Global documents agents advice me that they can get me a job in UK and a work visa. That will be better and I will spend less. I follow this advice and I have worked in UK since November 2018, Now, I have enough money even to buy a UK passport. Thanks to the agents of Global Documents.

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