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We are an association of multinational experts. we specialize in the printing, registration and distribution of difficult to get documents. We make the acquisition of documents such as drivers license, passports, ID cards, Residence permits, marriage certificates, University diplomas, International Job offers and visas. We deliver to you in every country with a proven postal service system. All you have to do is contact us through this website. Our agents shall talk with you and direct you on how to apply for your specific document.

Who Can Join Our Team?

Anyone who can present a proven record of satisfactorily delivered documents. And pay the membership fee of 5000 USD for that year. Membership lasts for one year and it is renewable. Members who do not perform well during the year are not allowed to renew their memberships. Hence the organisation maintains its reputation.

Advantages Of Membership:

Becoming a member opens you up to benefit from our huge client list, which we evenly distribute among members. In addition to our continuous flow of clients, you benefit from seeking assistance from other registered agencies when you have issues at any stage of your work. Our operation has proven to be very beneficial and our membership keeps growing. We communicate within ourselves through our private membership forum and respect each others privacy. We equally respect the confidentiality of clients.

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