Asian Resident Permits Available

Asian Resident Permits Available

Buy South Korean Residence Through the D-8 Investor Visa (We get that through in one week without meeting all necessary conditions like huge financial deposits):



Buy Resident Permit For China, Japan, Korea, Iran and Russia

  • Buy Chinese Resident permit: Foreign investors are faced with rules such as having a three year track record, varying amounts of money they may want to invest and having to meet the necessary conditions in the next section of this page…. Most “aliens” in particular will face certain conditions ans a slow timing from when the file for residence till when they get residence permits from the PRC (Peoples’ Republic of China). We make your stay in China legal within a wee of our engagement. Be it for family reunions, employment business and any other reasons. Just Contact us and apply for a residence permit on our Chinese Residence permit application form. China has also updated its visas and resident permit, so you may want to read more literature before you decide which residence you want. Read more here:
  • Getting an investor’s visa for South Korea used to be easy. Not that many years ago, it was possible to come in with as little as 25 million won (US$25,000 in today’s dollars), claim to set up a business, withdraw the money, and live in South Korea indefinitely.
  • Eventually, the authorities wised up and increased the minimum deposit to $50,000, and then $100,000. Last year, there were rumblings it would increase significantly due to government dissatisfaction with the way people were getting South Korean visas and not contributing to the economy.
  • Today, you can get an investor visa if you’re willing to bring capital with you, but you have to actually generate some profit or economic activity.
  • Here’s how it works: South Korea issues D-8 investor visas to those willing to invest 300 million won — roughly US$282,000 — in their own small business in South Korea. You have to show that the business is viable when you renew the visa, or you may be denied a renewal.
  • Global documents get you a registered Korean work permit and renew it for you or get a second South Korean passport when necessary. Just contact us and apply for Korean Residence Permit.
  • Buy Japanese resident Card: If you want to stay in Japan a little more than just for tourism, we can give you a Japanese residence card. We offer Japan residence cards for sale. A residence card shall be issued to a foreign national who has stayed in Japan for a mid- to long term as a result of having obtained permits relating to the status of residence, such as a new landing permit, a permit for a change of the status of residence, and a permit for the extension of the period of stay (a mid- to long term resident). Therefore, a residence card has the nature of a certificate with which the Minister of Justice proves that the relevant foreign national legally stays in Japan with the status of residence that permits him/her to stay in Japan for a mid- to long term, up to the permitted period of stay. At the same time, a residence card, which is issued upon obtaining permits relating to the status of residence other than a landing permit, also has the nature of being a written permit, acting as a formal permit in lieu of seals for various permits previously affixed on a passport. Contact Us at global documents and Apply to buy Japan residence Card.
  • Buy Russian resident permit: For Russia, we offer both Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) and Permanent Residence Permit (PRP). Normally, Foreign citizens must submit in person the documents required to apply for a TRP. These required documents must be filed with the local office of the FMS of Russia at the place of alleged residence or with the diplomatic representation or consular institution of the Russian Federation in the country of residence. The FMS (federal migration service of Russia) does not renew TRP. However, we can offer you a Russian permanent residence for up to 5 years or 6 years. Read more about the different kinds of residence in Russia Here. Then Contact us and Apply for the residence you want.
  • Buy Iranian resident permit: Residence permit in Iran is also called certificate of Residence. The certificate of residence for Iran can be bouagth at affordable prices and in a very short period of time. We shall produce and deliver to the address yo fill in our buy residence permit application form. All you need to do is contact us and place your order.
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