Buy Authentic US driver’s License

Buy Authentic US driver’s License

If you are in America (USA), and you are a driver, or you will love to be a driver, you will need a registered USA drivers license from any of its states. Global documents is here to make your dreams come true.



Buy US drivers License | Buy Fake USA drivers License

We come to safe you some time and money buy providing you with a registered drivers license, fast and affordable. We are the back door of all driving schools. Click here to get more information about drivers license

Global documents is an agency that have existed for a very long time, creating dependable connections with drivers license offices and renounce driving schools to help provide effective services to its clients. If you happen to find us, then you are already 100% finding your solution. Contact Us


Registered USA Drivers License, No exam needed

The United states is one of the most strict Countries when it comes to traffic control. Some times, no matter how careful you are, you will end up loosing you drivers license due to over speeding, disrespect of traffic lights, driving while be drunk and many other reasons. When you pass through this, you will receive a Penalty from the Court on your drivers license. Depending on how big your crime is, you might not be able to get a new drivers license. Global documents come to give you a Lasting Solution to this. If you have misplaced your drivers license, or given it up to Police, we can provide for you a brand new registration. We have insiders who will delete your suspension from the system and get you a new drivers license as if its the first time you a taking a USA drivers license. Buy doing this, you escape the crime and you benefit from using another drivers license.

Our services in the USA cover all over the territory. With us, you can :-

  • Buy Alabama Drivers license
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  • Buy Arizona Drivers License
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  • Get Colorado drivers license
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  • Acquire Florida Drivers License
  • Buy Georgian Drivers License
  • Get Hawaii Drivers License
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  • Buy New Mexico Drivers License
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  • Buy Texas drivers License
  • Apply for Utah drivers license
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  • Buy Virginia drivers License
  • Buy Washington drivers license
  • Apply for West Virginia drivers license
  • Buy drivers Wisconsin drivers license


     Differences between registered and unregistered drivers license

Global documents Also deal with delivery fake drivers license for people who need it. There are some Organisations which you will need to present only the US drivers license card, or some websites you will need the fake USA drivers license to verify, we are the solution to your problems. we provide fake drivers license for you

The main difference between the registered and the fake drivers license in the database. physically, the registered nand the fake drivers license will look exactly the same. But if you run into problems with the fake drivers license, you will not be found in the system. But the registered USA drivers license is exactly like the one provided by DMV, so it is 100% like the one obtained when you attend a driving school and take a legal driving test. Contact Us

Click here to know information on how driving rules offered in other countries

Types of Drivers license Classes in the USA

This is the usual kind of drivers license that allow you to drive any vehicle that does not require a motorcycle or commercial license. Class D is for adults ( above the age of 18) while Class G is a graduate drivers license for teenagers between 16 and 18

Class A/B/C

Vehicles are categorized by class: Class A: a combination of 2 or more vehicles, including a trailer(s) in excess of 10,000 lbs., articulated buses with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) exceeding 26,000 lbs., and all vehicles authorized to be driven under Class B and C, or with a regular driver’s license, Class D.

Class M:

Motorcycle license or motorcycle endorsement on a permit, Class O non-commercial license, or CDL. Class O: The operator’s license which authorizes the person to operate on highways any motor vehicle except a commercial motor vehicle or motorcycle.

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