Buy Driver’s License from Asia

Buy Driver’s License from Asia

If you own a car in the Asian continent, you will require a registered and valid drivers license in order to drive in any of its countries. However, Powerful Asian countries such as China, Russia, UAE, Vietnam, Georgia, Korea and many other Asian countries always present very difficult ways of getting this drivers license. Some…



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Global documents have come to guarantee you with a means to get an affordable and fast way to get a registered drivers license. The drivers license we provide is the same as the drivers license you get when you pass through a driving school and take the legal test. We are the back door of all driving schools in Asia. Contact us here

Buy Turkish Drivers license

Are you looking to buy an Original drivers license in Turkey without passing through the stress of taking the drivers license test?, Have you failed the drivers license exam on several trials?, You need not to worry. You now have an opportunity to have a drivers license. The drivers license you obtain is a registered Turkish drivers license, which permits you to drive in Turkey. We can provide all the Turkish drivers license category you need.

There are two types Turkish drivers licenses, the registered and Genuine Turkish drivers license, and the fake/ unregistered Turkish drivers license. The Original drivers license is 100% safe for use any where, and it is found in the Police database. While the unregistered drivers license is physically good, but the data is not found in the system.

If your Turkish drivers license have been stolen, Misplace, or have sanctions for bad driving or crime, then you need to make use of us. we are at your service no matter any condition you have with drivers license issues. Contatct Us


Buy Chines Driving License

China is one of the Most developed countries in Asia, with a heavy concentration of road network. Driving in china some times require a high level of expertise, which cause so many people to loos their drivers license. Global documents comes to make acquisition of drivers license in china very simple,

Getting a temporary driver’s license

For people traveling to China for a short period of time, including tourists, they can get a temporary driver’s permit for a maximum of three months without needing to pass an exam. Normally, you can obtain this at the traffic police department in the city you are in. In Beijing and possibly in other large cities, it can be obtained directly in the airport.

Necessary documents:

National driver’s license.
International Driving Permit.
Chinese translation of the foreign driver’s license (consult the embassy to know where this can be done).
Completed application form.
A hotel booking for at least one day.
Three one-inch color photos with a white background.
But if you do are not eligible for the process, or if you have a band, Or may be you need it in the fastest way possible just by applying online, you can contact our support through the contact form or whats app and we will give you a fast response. We will Guarantee you a registered drivers license in the fastest time possible, you apply and take your drivers license at your door. Contact Us

Buy Russian drivers License

Russia is one of the greatest world powers and getting a drivers license there some time entails so much sacrifice. Tpo get a registered Russian drivers License in Russia, It requires a lot of money, time and sacrifice of attending lectures. If you already know how to drive very well, you will still need to take theory Lessons in Russian driving schools before you can take a legal Russian driving License test.

Global documents brings a huge solution to this by providing you a registered Russian drivers license without exam. We provide drivers license for you without exam, all we need from you is your identification documents or your information, and we will deliver your drivers license right at your door. We also provide all drivers license categories that you need, and You can get all the categories in just one day. the drivers license is registered and verifiable.

Click here to read on Driving rules


Buy Israeli Drivers License without exam

Setting up connections in countries where Government rules are hard and complicated for its citizens is one of our priorities. We can provide for you a registered and Genuine Israeli drivers license in just 3 days. we are the back door to all driving schools. Safe your money and safe your time buy applying for an Israeli drivers license in our website.

You will never regret working with us for any reason. we are fast and reliable. our working procedures provide Guarantee. You only pay when you are sure of the drivers license existence. Contact us

Buy Saudi Arabian drivers license

Saudi Arabia is one of the most complicated countries in the World in issuing drivers license.In the past, no woman in Saudi Arabia was allowed to drive in her own car. they were refused drivers license. but recently, the government have started issuing drivers license to woman. even by doing this, they still present so much restriction.

Global documents is an agency that connects you to the biggest offices all over the world including Saudi Arabia. we will issue you a legal and registered drivers license in Saudi Arabia and you can drive there with no problem.

Global documents also provide drivers license Globally. you can get services here as follows:

  • Buy China Driving License
  • Buy India Driving License
  • Buy Indonesia Driving License
  • Buy Pakistan Driving License
  • Buy Bangladesh Driving License
  • Buy Japan Driving License
  • Buy Philippines Driving License
  • Buy Vietnam Driving License
  • Buy Turkey Driving License
  • Buy Iran Driving License
  • Buy Thailand Driving License
  • Buy Myanmar Driving License
  • Buy South Korea Driving License
  • Buy Iraq Driving License
  • Buy Afghanistan Driving License
  • Buy Saudi Arabia Driving License
  • Uzbekistan Driving License
  • Buy Malaysia Driving License
  • Buy Yemen Driving License
  • Buy Nepal Driving License
  • Buy North Korea Driving License
  • Buy Sri Lanka Driving License
  • Buy Kazakhstan Driving License
  • Buy Syria Driving License
  • Buy Cambodia Driving License
  • Buy Jordan Driving License
  • Buy Azerbaijan Driving License
  • Buy United Arab Emirates Driving License
  • Buy Tajikistan Driving License
  • Buy Israel Driving License
  • Buy Laos Driving License
  • Buy Lebanon Driving License
  • Buy Kyrgyzstan Driving License
  • Buy Turkmenistan Driving License
  • Buy Singapore Driving License
  • Buy State of Palestine Driving License
  • Buy Oman Driving License
  • Buy Kuwait Driving License
  • Buy Georgia Driving License
  • Buy Mongolia Driving License
  • Buy Armenia Driving License
  • Buy Qatar Driving License
  • Buy Bahrain Driving License
  • Buy Timor-Leste Driving License
  • Buy Cyprus Driving License
  • Buy Bhutan Driving License
  • Buy Maldives Driving License
  • Buy Brunei Driving License
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